Integrated Production Network

The right chemistry

Become part of the attractive integration and reduce your costs. The companies at the GENDORF Chemical Park are tightly integrated – like the parts of a living organism.

The products from one company become the input materials for the other. Waste products become raw materials. The advantages of this model are obvious: millions of road kilometers are avoided and resources are conserved. Companies at the GENDORF Chemical park therefore not only reduce their costs but also control their safety and environmental risks.
Do you also need highly specific input materials?


The companies at the GENDORF Chemical Park process and produce a wide range of substances:

Raw materials
ethylene, rock salt, air, fatty acids/ fatty alcohols, refrigerant 22 (chlorodifluoromethane)

End products
PVC/PVC foils, polytetrafluororethylene (PTFE / Dyneon™), ethyleneoxide, ethyleneglycole and derivatives, amines and tensides, liquid nitrogen, sodium hydroxide

Paper and cellulose industry, detergents, aluminum, foils, aircraft deicing agents, pesticides, care products, surface coatings, high-performance plastics for industrial applications