Guided Facility Tours

A look behind the scenes

The GENDORF Chemical Park is the largest chemical park in Bavaria and impresses with its spacious and complex plants. The local chemical park concept is a German model for success and has by now also generated international interest. A guided facility tour gives interested parties an opportunity to learn about the integration principle, which represents a conglomeration of many different production companies and a site operator who are closely integrated with each other.

We are delighted to open our gates for school classes and universities, and offer the option for a guided facility tour that includes a review of the production facility. Our visitor support staff will customize the programs for school and university students based on schedule availability and group size. Visits and guided tours are only available based a prior registration. Please allow six weeks of lead-time. If interested, we prefer that you please contact us via e-mail. 

Gerne öffnen wir unsere Tore auch für Vereine und sonstige Institutionen aus dem regionalen Umfeld des Chemieparks GENDORF. Für Werkführungen stehen regionalen Vereinen und Institutionen folgende Termine zur Verfügung:

Es tut uns leid, für das Jahr 2019 sind bereits alle Termine vergeben! Ende des Jahres werden die neuen Termine für 2020 eingestellt.