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Site relocation and development

Relocate and expand without complications at the chemical park GENDORF, the opportunity site with the 360° advantage – relocate, produce, grow.

We accompany you as your strategic partner from the initial idea to the conceptual design and the implementation of your production plant, and even including upgrades and expansions.

The bundling and meshing of our services is the source of our strength as an integrated solution provider: we give you access to space and infrastructure, and continue to develop these. We support you with our know-how for the planning, implementation, and operational phases of your plant, but also with services related to your production. Also tap into the synergies available at a chemical park: the strong integrated flow of materials and links into the chemical park network. Any further growth of your plant also presents no problem: The chemical park GENDORF has an expansion potential of roughly 50 ha, away from residential areas.

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