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Experts in your interest

Imagine this: a company manages planning and constructing your plant, keeps you constantly up to date, supplies you with matching IT services and supports your employees with continuing educational programs. And all of this with experts who are constantly on-site at your production location. No imagination, but reality: with InfraServ Gendorf.

InfraServ Gendorf maintains a close working relationship with all companies at the chemical park. It goes well beyond the site services that are part of the standard package for all companies located here. InfraServ Gendorf frequently supports companies for the entire life-cycle of their plants: from construction to maintenance, and upgrades.


You benefit from experts who have detailed knowledge of your plant and its challenges and who grow together with you.

Plant planning
In-depth planning is required to construct complex plants. We leave nothing to chance, from concept development to detailed engineering.

Plant permitting
The statutory framework is becoming increasingly complex, especially when it comes to environment protection. We ensure that your project is ready for permitting as soon as possible, and will support you through final approval.

Plant construction
For fast and reliable execution of construction phases – we assume responsibility for this. We monitor your construction project and will supply the full range of construction management functions through the turn-key transfer. On-time, on-budget, and at the required quality.

Energy and process management
We ensure that your plant performs at its peak – ranging from energy savings, improving processes, or upgrading safety systems.

Preventive maintenance
We develop an optimized maintenance strategy and take care of inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

Operational support
We provide an extensive range of services that include operational and project support and complex shut-down planning.

Are you planning a new construction, conversion, or dismantling of your plant? Our installation experts are here to assist you.

Materials management
We ensure that all spare parts and components are in the right place at the right time.

Environmental measurements
We support operators of power plants, waste incineration plants, chemical plants, mineral oil plants, cities, municipalities, and public agencies with regulation and legally compliant measurements.

Our analytics provide comprehensive analytical services for research, development, and production for the chemical and process industries.

Process analysis technology
We use our process analysis technology to examine substance characteristics, the composition of substance mixtures, and the purity and quality of products in the production process.

Permit management
We provide support for permitting requirements for new plant construction as well as on-going operations and supply solutions for functional reviews of environmental factors and for smooth execution of regulatory procedures.

Data center
Are you considering to equip your company with its own server room? We can show you your options and can also offer our data center as an alternative.

Managed IT services
We can run your entire range of IT systems – in a 24/7 operation. We can supply applications and special-purpose systems, operate your data center and take care of setting up and operating call centers, the security technology, etc.

IT security
IT security is now a mission-critical aspect for the stability and success of companies. We will find the solution that best meets your company's needs with respect to the competing interests of cost considerations, user-friendliness, and the security requirements of regulators and auditors.

Building security
We will design, implement, and support the full range of security technology of the GENDORF Chemical Park. The know-how we have developed for industrial security standards over decades – ranging from fire alarm systems to hazard management systems and display and information management technology – is also available to companies outside of the chemical park.

IT workstation and communication systems
We manage your telecommunication and network infrastructure and supply all required equipment, allowing your employees to communicate efficiently and smoothly – internally as well as externally.

Vocational training
Our certified on-site vocational training courses help to develop the technical skills for the workers of tomorrow.

Continuing education
Knowledge has a limited shelf life – we help to keep it fresh.


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