Rules for Partner Companies

Rules for partner companies

The Gendorf Integrated Management System (GIMS) must be followed when working at the GENDORF Chemical Park. The following sections are a significant excerpt from the GIMS for work performed by contractors / partner companies at the GENDORF Chemical Park.

Additional regulations should be discussed with the customer when starting the work.

Employees assigned by contractors and tradesmen must report to the central gate of the GENDORF Chemical Park on the day of their commencement of work

The following documents are required for registration at the central gate:

  • valid government-issued ID or passport
  • valid work papers
  • original work permit (for non-EU citizens)
  • contractor registration (assigned tradesmen)
  • sponsor confirmation (for insufficient German proficiency)

The required forms must be completed and signed in advance. Please allow sufficient time prior to arrival due to the length of time required for the registration process.

For safety reasons, the so-called sponsor rule is in effect (see GIMS 8.9) at the GENDORF Chemical Park for individuals and work groups with insufficient German language proficiency.

  • Individuals, e.g. those who work alone at the chemical park site require a sponsor who is permanently in the vicinity (supplied by the Gendorf site company).
  • Work groups who are permanently assigned to work together require at least one sponsor with good German proficiency (5 workers per sponsor). The sponsor must have instruction authority for all persons under his care and must have his company's permission to sign as the authorized party for the permit procedure.