GENDORF Chemical Park- Future needs strong roots

Founded in 1939 for military purposes, dismantled after the war, acquired by Hoechst AG, and finally converted into an industrial park. More than seven decades of history of the GENDORF Chemical Park are characterized by many transformations. But there has also been substantial continuity: such as the ability to repeatedly and successfully confront new challenges. Today, the GENDORF Chemical Park is the largest chemical park in Bavaria. 

The following is a short overview of the most important milestones:

The factory during World War II
The cornerstone for Werk Gendorf was laid shortly before the beginning of World War II. The German Wehrmacht needed a production facility for important war supplies. It is built in Gendorf in 1939. The factory - also known as "Bereitschaftswerk Gendorf" produces anti-freeze agents, precursors for explosives, chlorine, and sodium hydroxide. The production of mustard gas does not exceed trial quantities.

Use of forced labor
Many sectors of German industry use forced labor throughout World War II. Forced labor is also used in Gendorf, including prisoners from the concentration camp Dachau.

Post-war period
The Gendorf factory experiences difficulties during the post-war period: the allies force the facility to temporarily discontinue operations. The allies dismantle large sections of the installation and the infrastructure. Werk Gendorf continues to operate as an independent unit under allied control.  Bavaria gets involved in 1953 and acquires Werk Gendorf.

Werk Gendorf during the Hoechst era
Following World War II, the future of Werk Gendorf was uncertain. But the acquisition by Hoechst AG in 1955 gives the Upper Bavarian factory a strong parent company. Werk Gendorf is affiliated with the German long-established company for 33 years until it is completely restructured and Gendorf goes its own way.

Restructuring of the Hoechst Group
In response to poor sales figures, Hoechst AG begins to stepwise divest its chemical business starting in 1993. The company sells various divisions in Gendorf. InfraServ Gendorf is formed as an operating company to secure infrastructure and services at the site.

The development of the industrial park 
The former "Werk Gendorf" is transformed into an industrial park with international companies. While InfraServ Gendorf finds its new role as site operator and industrial service provider, the other site companies focus on their core business. They benefit from an efficient infrastructure that specifically caters to the chemical industry and is constantly upgraded with additional investments.

GENDORF Chemical Park – the opportunity site of the future
The chemical park has successfully grown in recent years. Today, the site is the largest chemical park in Bavaria with more than 30 companies and a workforce of approx. 4,000 employees. Under the name "GENDORF Chemical Park", the site now provides growth and development opportunities for investors, workers, and the entire region.

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