Engine for the Region

Engine for economic growth

4,000 jobs at the GENDORF Chemical Park, thousands more at suppliers and service contractors, a training center that attracts vocational experts from near and far to Burgkirchen: the GENDORF Chemical Park is a key driver for prosperity and economic strength in the region.

More than 30 companies, from international production companies to innovative service providers, have their facilities on the roughly two square kilometer grounds of the chemical park. They turn the chemical park into one of the largest employers in Eastern Bavaria. The concept of the chemical park is attractive: Many companies from the chemical industry share a common infrastructure and are closely integrated with each other: the products made by one company serve as the input materials for another. Waste products become raw materials. This avoids millions of road kilometers – saving resources and energy.

Each year, investments of more than EUR 70 million flow into plant and infrastructure and ensure that the facilities continue to be an important economic engine for the region in the future as well. Over the last five years, roughly EUR 30 million have been invested strictly into environmental protection and energy efficiency.

Particularly important for the region:
the companies at the GENDORF Chemical Park never stop training. About 400 young people are successfully completing their vocational training at the central training facility of the GENDORF Chemical Park, the Bildungsakademie Inn-Salzbach. A service that is now also used by external companies.