Dialog & Transparency

An open book

As a good neighbor, it is important to us that you have detailed insight into what happens at the GENDORF Chemical Park. We therefore cultivate communication at many levels and provide a wide range of informational and contact options.
The "Behördeninfotag" has been established at the GENDORF Chemical Park as a means to facilitate the interaction with regulatory agencies and authorities. Representatives from authorities whose scope of activities includes the GENDORF Chemical Park are invited to this annual informational event. In addition to informative industry presentations on current topics and tours of the facilities at the industrial park, the regulatory agency day also offers the option to review environmental data.
Dialog facilitates understanding. A common understanding builds trust. And trust is the basis for working together. We therefore deliberately cultivate constructive interaction with the regional environmental protection and nature conservation associations. The "Umweltinfotag" is designed to offer insights into the environmental activities of the GENDORF Chemical Park, while also exploring the issues of environmental associations. The environmental info day features industry presentations and round-table discussions among the participants.
Neighborhood and chemistry – this relationship is primarily driven by transparency. The companies at the GENDORF Chemical Park are aware of this. The "Nachbarschafts- und Mandatsträgergespräch" takes place annually with more than 100 invited leaders from politics, business, and society, and representatives from regional associations and the community. Whereas the representative of the site operator InfraServ Gendorf provides general information about the industrial park as a whole, the site managers of each of the companies personally present their topics and are available for questions and discussions.
Open doors instead of a mysterious black box: the companies at the chemical park reveal what goes on behind the scenes. The open door day of the chemical industry takes place every three years and is attended by the GENDORF Chemical Park. Visitors are welcomed by a colorful program: exciting guided tours through all corners of the chemical park and a wide range of facility tours. Musical entertainment, food vendors, raffles, and many other attractions turn the day into a type of chemistry folk festival. And those who want to gain detailed insight into the GENDORF Chemical Park can take advantage of our guided facility tours.