Products from Gendorf

From Gendorf for everyday use

The companies at the GENDORF Chemical Park manufacture more than 1,500 intermediate products for the production of materials that are a routine part of our daily lives – here in Germany and throughout the world.


What exactly goes on at the GENDORF Chemical Park?
Raw materials such as rock salt or fatty acids are processed in chemical reactions to generate higher value substances. The difference to the chemical lab in school is that the reactions here take place at an industrial scale. The plants of the companies at the chemical park produce roughly 1.6 million tons of products annually. These are distributed world-wide by rail and road.

The products made at the GENDORF Chemical Park are in turn used by thousands of other companies as raw materials in their products, which are required in our daily lives. As a result, practically everyone uses products every day that have their origins in Gendorf. These range from dish washing detergents to foils used in debit cards or furniture finishes. From window profiles for construction to de-icing agents for aircraft and runways. From roof structures with futuristic appeal to coatings for irons and frying pans. From pleasantly scented detergents to colorful sports and casual clothes.

The two most important input materials for companies at the GENDORF Chemical Park are rock salt and ethylene, which is obtained from crude oil and is supplied by pipeline directly from Rotterdam to Gendorf.


Input materials and substances produced at the GENDORF Chemical Park are among others processed into the following products:

  • High-performance plastics
  • Detergents
  • Care products
  • Pan coatings
  • Plastic foils
  • Textiles
  • Window profiles
  • De-icing agents
  • Brake fluids
  • and many more..