Energy Efficiency

Saving energy systematically through the integrated flow of resources

The efficient use of energy is an economic but also an ecological objective at the GENDORF Chemical Park. Fundamentally owing to its integrated production and flow of materials, the entire GENDORF Chemical Park is ideally suited for an energy and resource efficient production. In Gendorf, this potential is also put to work. Many products manufactured by companies at the site are used as input materials by other companies at the site.
A look at consumption figures highlights the significance of energy efficiency. The annual power consumption of the entire GENDORF Chemical Park is at roughly one billion kilowatthours. When compared with the average annual power consumption of a three-person household (roughly 3,700 kWh), this corresponds to 270,000 households, or 810,000 persons. The GENDORF Chemical Park is therefore among the large industrial energy consumers in Bavaria. At this scale, it is worthwhile to even make what would at first glance appear to be negligible adjustments.
The operating company of the chemical park has been systematically examining these adjustments since 2012. As one of the first companies in Germany, InfraServ Gendorf was certified to "DIN EN ISO 50001 - Energy Management Systems". This certification requires InfraServ Gendorf to systematically study the entire company under the aspect of energy efficiency and to continuously work on optimization. Meanwhile, the entire energy flow has been systematically   explored and the biggest energy guzzlers have been identified. This has resulted in an entire list of small and large measures that will be implemented in the coming years. But one thing is already apparent: the energy efficiency of the chemical park as a whole will continue to improve as a result.