The opportunity site for the chemical industry

The GENDORF Chemical Park is a site with a long history and a promising future. Founded more than 75 years ago, it is today the largest chemical park in Bavaria with 30 companies and 4,000 employees. And it continues to grow – thanks to its highly-capable infrastructure, extensive greenfield and expansion space, and a site operator with high-quality site services.

The location also adds to the attraction: the GENDORF Chemical Park is located in the middle of a major center of the European chemical industry – the Bavarian ChemDelta: the full bandwidth of the industry is concentrated here: mid-sized companies and global players, producers and service providers.

The great advantage of the GENDORF Chemical Park is that the companies residing here are closely integrated. The products made by one company serve as the input material for another. Waste products become raw materials. This avoids millions of road kilometers – savings resources and energy. The companies at the GENDORF Chemical Park can enjoy low costs, while the environment benefits from particularly environmentally friendly production. In combination with sufficient greenfield space for relocations and growth, this turns the GENDORF Chemical Park into an opportunity site.
At the GENDORF Chemical Park, InfraServ Gendorf is in charge of all site-wide functions, for instance the supply of energy and raw materials, safety, disposal of waste water and waste, as well as logistics. Bundling these functions allows companies to control costs and to focus on the essentials: production.
As a significant economic force, the GENDORF Chemical Park particularly accepts responsibility for the region – its people and the environment. The companies residing here therefore invest many millions of Euros annually into safety, environmental protection, and into training and continuing education of the workforce.