Lived Safety

Lived safety without compromises

The safety of local residents and employees is a top priority at the GENDORF Chemical Park. The site companies at the GENDORF Chemical Park have therefore instituted a high safety culture – without compromises.

Leading-edge technology is used to avoid accidents in the first place. On-going maintenance and plant inspections, facility safety audits, along with regular staff training ensure that the safety concepts are integrated into the daily business practices. This approach eliminates or mitigates existing risks for the environment, health and safety to the extent possible. Today's chemical industry in Germany, including the GENDORF Chemical Park, practices a globally leading safety standard, which the companies continuously enhance. For example, the GENDORF Chemical Park was among the first companies to install the Occupational Health and Risk Management System (OHRIS). With success: the number of occupational accidents at the chemical park has steadily declined and is well below the industry average.

However, if an emergency incident happens to occur in spite of all precautions, a professional emergency organization is deployed at the GENDORF Chemical Park. The fire department is specialized on the chemical industry and immediately responds to fight the hazard and to mitigate losses.